My name is Rico Guarnieri, I was born in Milan - Italy where I’m still living. I used
to dedicate my time to various cultural and artistic activities, mainly figurative and graffiti art, fi lm production, television broadcasting, spot advertising and vide.

From about the age of 10, I enjoyed watching my mother cooking, and since then, I never stopped learning. Thanks to my many travels around Italy and abroad, I develloped and enriched my passion for cooking.

All these experiences led me to the creation of he Fine Living Kitchen cookbook:
a book dedicated to authentic, simple Italian recipes that are easy to make, using the freshest and most easily available ingredients. The aim of my book is to approach everybody to the culinary art; it is not necessary to be an expert cook to create an everyday or refined dish. The recipes I’m proposing are all very simple but curious Italian recipes, based on the union of flavour, aroma and colours of the nature, all mixed with a good dose of fantasy.

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